Border Patrol Asked: “Is This Your Car?”

  A few days ago, I made a trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico, which is a border town right across Eagle Pass, Texas. This is a trip that I’ve made many times over the years, and I have noticed that security is getting tighter and tighter. Today, for example, we are required to show our… Read More »

From Cruise Director to Flight Attendant

  On an American Eagle flight from Dallas to Garden City, KS, we were in the hands of a jovial and talkative flight attendant. His name was TJ, and I was able to get a picture of him while he served a beverage to the passengers on this 90-minute flight. The Greet! Upon boarding the… Read More »

Flight Attendants Gave Me Vodka, Bug Repellent, and Hair Spray

  My flight from Newark to Bombay, India was mostly uneventful. I was fortunate that United Airlines allows its frequent flyers a perk called “Global Upgrades.” In essence, if we book the ticket in the appropriate class, we can apply the upgrade, which means we can fly in Business Class. This particular flight is 15… Read More »

When Employees Quit in Large Numbers: A Conversation with Katrina

  Several months ago, I had a discussion with a colleague who informed me that her entire department quit on a Friday when she was at a conference. She received a call from the HR department informing her that all five of her employees submitted their resignations. Here is the discussion I had with Katrina:… Read More »

The Sneaky Click

  We’ve all done it! It’s 8 a.m. on Monday and you are sitting at your desk getting ready to tackle a new week! Of course, you can’t be expected to lunge right into your work. Not just yet! This is your time for Facebook, personal emails, and online shopping. Think about it … you… Read More »

The Doctor Gave Her Only One Crutch

  While heading to teach a Project Management course, I ran into a colleague making her way to teach a Database Management course. From a distance, I noticed that she was limping along with just one crutch. Knowing that she needed assistance, I approached her and asked how I could help. With the crutch on… Read More »

3 Strategies to Motivate Yourself at Work

Some days it’s tough to put on your game face and stay focused on the activities ahead. For some, this work-related malaise strikes on Monday, but any day of the week can have a similar impact. The Morning Ritual As you jump in your car, and back it out of the driveway, you’re thinking of… Read More »

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Earning a College Degree

The decision to go back to school is tough for many people, especially considering the time and cost commitment. As a professor for nearly 20 years, I have seen many students come through my classes. I remember starting my college teaching days at Houston Community College, where many of the students were working adults, otherwise… Read More »

The Chubby Doctor Advised I Eat Less Cheese

Several years ago, I went to my annual medical physical, and after the routine procedures, I had a chance to chat with the doctor regarding my blood pressure, weight, and so on. Exercise has been part of my life since my days playing college baseball. It’s just something that I do nearly every day. Controlling… Read More »