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Walt Disney Leadership 101: Plus It! The Water Bill Story

Walt Disney was a perfectionist. He was not going to settle for mediocre work from his imagineers. Because he knew the work so well, Disney was aware of the upper limits. Getting near perfect results was challenging for his staff, but that was the expectation that everyone had to meet. I’m reminded of a story… Read More »

Why a Broken Ironing Board is a Leadership Problem

It’s Monday morning, and I’m getting ready for several important meetings in the Los Angeles area. I selected a hotel right near the Orange County John Wayne airport because of its convenience. My morning was planned perfectly, including breakfast, a quick workout, and getting the wrinkles out of my clothes that come from packing in… Read More »

3 Things Successful Leaders Do on Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week, and you can hardly wait for the back-end of the week. You had the usual issues on Monday and put out some fires on Tuesday. Thursday is right around the corner, and you are ready to put it on cruise control. Successful leaders think a little differently. Each day… Read More »

3 Reasons Leaders Fail

  A leader is successful to the point that others will follow the vision. When employees are apathetic, he can expect the organization to fall short of its goals and expectations. Unfortunately, there are some leaders who lack the desire and commitment to make things better. Great leaders are not necessarily the “rah-rah” type. A… Read More »

A Conversation with the Conceited Executive

At times, you are excited about what you do, and you want to tell others about your success. It’s human nature to want to be appreciated, recognized, and valued. However, there are folks who take it too far. They talk so much about themselves and their accomplishments that one wonders if they have grown deaf.… Read More »

Three Qualities of Highly-Effective Leaders

I often use a quote from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “To become a meaningful participant, you must get a seat at the table.” It makes sense that you must take some level of risk, and do something to contribute to the success of your organization. In other words, standing on the sidelines will accomplish nothing. You… Read More »

How to Lead When Nothing is Going Right

Leading is much easier when things are going well. If sales are skyrocketing, a good strategy is to stay out of the way. Don’t mess with success. The shareholders are happy, and the employees are enthusiastic about the performance bonuses. Times are good. Of course, it’s naïve to expect that prosperity will continue forever. Before… Read More »

3 Strategies Used by Effective Leaders to Resolve Problems

We face problems every day, some small, and some big. In fact, we’re all hired to be professional problem solvers. Our hourly rates are based on the level of problems we solve. If you are tasked to fix routine problems, your pay is generally near the minimum wage level. However, the more ambiguous the issue,… Read More »

Fr. Carlos’ Message: Keep Calm and Carry On

This past Sunday, Fr. Carlos delivered a message in the homily that captured my interest. He described an online business that has done well with the following phrase: Keep Calm and Carry On. The Message Each of us has a different perspective when we hear something we value as important. Each time Fr. Carlos provided… Read More »