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His “Cold Feet” Cost Him a Date

I was recently visiting Orlando, Florida. I wanted to make one more stop in Ft. Lauderdale before coming home, so I purchased a ticket on a smaller carrier that flies this short route. Boarding the Flight Upon boarding the airplane, I noticed that the flight attendant (Sandy) was quite friendly. ME: Good morning! SANDY: Good… Read More »

How I Prepared for a Commencement Speech in 25 Minutes

I attended the graduation of a family member who recently completed his 4-year degree from a university in Central Texas. The graduation was scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m., and I decided to drive up a bit earlier, which would allow me to get a good view to take pictures. When I arrived at the… Read More »

My Thoughts on NFL Replacement Referees

After three weeks of using NFL replacement referees during the regular season, the National Football League is under tremendous pressure to settle the labor dispute with its officials. The Green Bay at Seattle Monday Night Football matchup had to be a nightmare experience for Commissioner Roger Goodell. There were a few notable blown calls during… Read More »

She and Her Dog at the CVS Pharmacy Drive-Thru

The other day while going through the CVS drive-thru to pick up a prescription for my daughter, I thought the coast was clear. I did not see any cars in front of me, which mean zero wait time. This is surely a welcome sight at the end of a long workday! Not so fast …… Read More »