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What I Did When She Slapped Her in the Face

Not all that long ago, I was in the executive lounge of a hotel in Davao, Philippines. As I enjoyed the downtime around 7:30 p.m., having a glass of Pinot Grigio, I noticed a lively discussion a few tables over. However, I also had my MacBook Pro with me, and since I was alone, focused… Read More »

He Inherited Grandma’s House and Sold It for $1.2M

I have yet another steam room story. It seems like this is where I hear some interesting stuff. The fitness facility that I frequent has separate steam rooms for men and women. When men are shooting the bull, they tend to open up a bit about what is going on in their lives. On this… Read More »

3 Names I Don’t Like to be Called!

We all have different names that we don’t like others to call us. For some reason, they don’t sound right, or they make us feel uncomfortable. I guess it’s similar to calling someone by his middle name, even though he’s made it clear that he doesn’t  like it. We do it just to make life… Read More »

Discussion with a “Compulsive Liar”

While attending a meeting in downtown San Antonio, I had an interesting discussion with a lady in her mid-20s (Christy). I’m unsure why she was assigned as a participant to this meeting because she was too engaged with Facebook on her Dell laptop. Nonetheless, as soon as the break was called, she and I had… Read More »

Her Car Was on Fire and She Didn’t Know It

On a Tuesday afternoon, I was making my way from one meeting to the next. The San Antonio weather was nice on this particular day, and the warm sunshine made it even better. The quickest way for my 2 p.m. meeting was taking Interstate-35, which runs North-and-South through the Alamo City. A few miles from… Read More »

He Was Way Too Nice!

I decided to have a Subway sandwich for lunch last week, and I observed that a 40+ man was far too friendly with the employees. He and his teenage son were ahead of me, and his abundance of feel-good comments made my wait even longer. Being nice and professional is fine, but it appeared to… Read More »

His Son Was “Principal for the Day” for $1,700

I attended a charity auction recently, and was intrigued with the back-and-forth bidding for the “Principal of the Day” prize. The annual auction held by this private high school in San Antonio features some extravagant items, even a 30-day around-the-world cruise. As you can already tell, the school is tailored for individuals with deep pockets.… Read More »