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3 Strategies to Motivate Yourself at Work

Some days it’s tough to put on your game face and stay focused on the activities ahead. For some, this work-related malaise strikes on Monday, but any day of the week can have a similar impact. The Morning Ritual As you jump in your car, and back it out of the driveway, you’re thinking of… Read More »

The Chubby Doctor Advised I Eat Less Cheese

Several years ago, I went to my annual medical physical, and after the routine procedures, I had a chance to chat with the doctor regarding my blood pressure, weight, and so on. Exercise has been part of my life since my days playing college baseball. It’s just something that I do nearly every day. Controlling… Read More »

The Lesson a Youth Soccer Goalie Taught Me

Over the weekend, I attended a youth soccer game here in San Antonio. This particular contest was played by kids ranging in age from 9-to-10. A boy named Caleb captured my attention. He was one of the best on the team, and I could tell that he was going to do whatever it took to… Read More »