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8 Strategies to Managing Conflict in Meetings 

As a meeting coordinator, it’s important to control what takes place in the get-together, including the agenda, conflict, and apathy. Most of us are aware that many people think meetings can be a waste of time. Here are 8 strategies to managing conflict in meetings: Make sure to invite only the people who will bring… Read More »

3 Signs You Should Terminate a Meeting

Many meetings are a waste of time. In other words, you meet simply to meet. I’ve had meetings in which the main focus is to discuss a future meeting. Before scheduling the next business get-together, we must ensure that it will bring value to the organization. If not, don’t schedule it. If it’s already on… Read More »

3 Ways to Take Charge of Your Project

To have a successful project, you must do the following: (a) deliver on schedule, (b) make sure to stay within budget, and (c) focus on making the customer happy. Regardless of your project, you must develop a plan, identify the right people to participate, overcome conflict when it occurs, and meet the objectives. As the… Read More »

Projects Can Take Your Organization from Good to Great

If your organization is merely focused on doing routine work, such as using traditional media advertising, taking orders over the telephone, and managing customer service issues when they arise, your days as a profitable entity are numbered. The fact is that the competition is too fierce today, regardless of the industry. If there is even… Read More »

Projects Create Value to the Customer

Projects are launched for a reason. The final deliverable is a unique product, service, or result that is accepted by the customer. You must begin by making sure you are clear regarding customer expectations. Surprisingly, many project managers take the approach of imagining what the customer wants, which is analogous to putting the cart before… Read More »

Stop the Small Talk! The Meeting is Over!

Last week, I attended a business meeting scheduled for 90 minutes. In the past, this strategic meeting usually consumed all the allowed time. However, on this day, the discussion moved quickly and we were done in a speedy 60 minutes. This was great! We covered the important work, and the action items were assigned. The… Read More »

The 3 Things You Must Avoid Saying in a Meeting 

Aren’t you tired of meetings? Why do most people attending meetings look like they would rather be somewhere else? Why do Mondays have to begin with a meeting? Isn’t it best to schedule them on Tuesday morning, after you’ve had a chance to review your calendar? When possible, I avoid meetings. I understand that some… Read More »

The Yawner Who Forgot My Name

I was invited to a planning meeting as a subject matter expert (SME). For this particular session, there were only three meeting attendees. I arrived about five minutes early, and proceeded to the assigned conference room. Mike, the meeting coordinator, arrived shortly thereafter. The other SME was running late, which gave Mike and I a… Read More »