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The Sneaky Click

  We’ve all done it! It’s 8 a.m. on Monday and you are sitting at your desk getting ready to tackle a new week! Of course, you can’t be expected to lunge right into your work. Not just yet! This is your time for Facebook, personal emails, and online shopping. Think about it … you… Read More »

The Doctor Gave Her Only One Crutch

  While heading to teach a Project Management course, I ran into a colleague making her way to teach a Database Management course. From a distance, I noticed that she was limping along with just one crutch. Knowing that she needed assistance, I approached her and asked how I could help. With the crutch on… Read More »

Avoid Looking Busy While Doing Nothing

Many of people have mastered the technique of looking busy while doing very little. In some cases, they stare at their computer screens reading one email after the next. They make it a habit to skip those requiring an action item, hoping that the initiator will forget it was sent to them. Unfortunately, a good… Read More »

10 Signs Your Boss is Insecure

We’ve all worked with bosses who are insecure about their abilities. They will not tell you why they are insecure, but the signs are evident. Working for a manager who lacks confidence is difficult, if not impossible. These are usually the managers who focus on technique, micro-manage, and spend most of their time trying to… Read More »

Making Sure Advice is Sincere and Right for You

You receive advice from many different people. In some cases, others offer guidance even when you don’t ask for it. When you seek advice, it’s important that you identify the right person to help you. Remember that you’re asking for advice, not sympathy. Engine Tech, an IT company, recently hired Martin, and he was having… Read More »

10 Signs Your Employees Don’t Respect You

I recently heard a manager state that he didn’t care if his employees liked him. Instead, he wanted them to respect him. Based on what I know about this situation, the employees neither like him nor respect him. In essence, he had what is known as position power and nothing else. The employees did the… Read More »

10 Reasons to Let an Employee Go

For the most part, you would like all your employees to succeed. You want them to meet expectations, and to become meaningful participants of your organization. The fact, though, is that about 10% of your staff will fail to deliver on the work assigned to them. If you have a turnover rate of 10% or… Read More »

10 Characteristics that Define Winners

Success is much easier than you might think: You decide what you want to do. You take action every day. You stop listening to people who tell you it’s not possible. You understand that obstacles are part of the journey. You overcome these obstacles. You keep going. Ready. Aim. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! In… Read More »

3 Traits of a Successful Manager

Different from a leader, a manager is more tactical based. This person will take the goals and objectives outlined by the company executives and transform them into work that is performed by the employees. Excellent managers are those who avoid an autocratic approach in which the employees are mostly following orders. Here are three traits… Read More »