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Border Patrol Asked: “Is This Your Car?”

  A few days ago, I made a trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico, which is a border town right across Eagle Pass, Texas. This is a trip that I’ve made many times over the years, and I have noticed that security is getting tighter and tighter. Today, for example, we are required to show our… Read More »

Attentive Service for the Pretty Girl

I was at a bank here in San Antonio trying to coordinate a transfer of funds. I was a bit confused why my transaction wasn’t processed on time. I completed the paperwork, and called to confirm that all the fields were completed correctly. The discussion with the teller became animated when she hinted that it… Read More »

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Turn off Your Customer 

Growing your customer base is easier than you think. You must take the time to know the true needs of the buyer. Of course, you have to know what you sell, and what makes you attractive to the potential customer. What is your competitive edge? What is your unique selling proposition? I recently went to… Read More »

Doing More for Customers Has Become Extinct

I am not sure if it is just me, but I am beginning to think that even doing a little more for the customer is impossible. In fact, you can almost eliminate “going the extra mile” or “wowing” the customer. Those marketing concepts have largely disappeared, and most companies are fine with merely meeting expectations.… Read More »

Customer Service is a Strategy: Think Long Term

Regardless of the business, you all know that you must treat your customers right, go the extra mile, focus on the long-term, provide value-add, and on and on. However, you must avoid thinking that customers will always reciprocate by being loyal to your organization and referring their family, friends, and colleagues. If you have a… Read More »

How to Get from “No Way” to “Maybe”

I think we have become a world of “Mr. No!” Regardless of where I travel, it seems like the first response from others is usually a reason something can’t get done: “We are unable to accept that return.” “You’ve have the equipment for 31 days, and 30 days is the limit. Sorry!” “The airline ticket… Read More »

How to Manage a Rude Customer

Is the customer always right? The general answer I hear is that the customer must be given the benefit of the doubt, and that you should do whatever possible to keep him happy. Southwest Airlines founder, Herb Kelleher, stated that his employees were more important than the customers. He described a situation in which a… Read More »

You Have to “Bitch” a Little to Get Your Way

Getting your way can happen in various ways. Some techniques work, and some are far less effective. While in the steam room at my fitness club, I overheard a conversation about how one gym-goer (Joe), and several of his comrades, were able to change a policy in just one day of non-stop complaining. This fitness… Read More »