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Be an Option!

While watching my 10-year-old son play soccer this past weekend, I heard his coach yell many instructions from the sideline, such as: “Get in position, Aaron!” “Ricky, you have to stay onside!” “Team, we have to keep them in front of us!” However, the advice that resonated with me was the following: “Be an option!”… Read More »

Becoming a Catalyst for Change

There are still many people who are fine with the status quo. When presented with a chance to make improvements, they look the other way. Unfortunately, this attitude is counterproductive to growth, and may eventually land them on the sidelines. To make things happen, you have to do something. In most cases, it’s not a… Read More »

Fake It Until You Make It!

We all know the job market today is fiercely competitive. While the economies are turning around a bit, the market is still pro-employer. For the top jobs, you can easily expect more than 1,000 applicants. It’s a sign of the times. Don’t be shy! When reviewing job descriptions, you can expect to have most of… Read More »

He Was Nervous About Keeping His Job

I recently taught a half-day seminar on project management and was approached by a participant after the class. Rick informed me that he was 55-years-old and had a strong IT background. In fact, he had an excellent mix of IT and business, which increased his value in the job market. During the training, I learned… Read More »

Increase Sales with “Basket” Approach

On a recent trip to Rome, Italy, I was reminded of how a simple basket can increase sales. The day before returning to the States, I decided to buy a few souvenirs for friends and family from a makeshift store right in the middle of Campo de’ Fiori. After a few minutes of shopping, my… Read More »

Knowing the Right Time to Resign Your Job

There was a time when people thought they would work for the same employer forever. Today, it’s unusual to hear someone say they plan to retire with the company for which they currently work. In fact, many people are applying for a new job within months of accepting an offer. Backing Into a Job A… Read More »

2 Things Employers Love to Hear in an Interview

Over the years, I have interviewed for my share of positions. I’ve also been on the other side of the table and interviewed many people. In some cases, I participated on hiring panels or committees, and have learned the interests or “hot buttons” that hiring managers love to hear from candidates. Back when I was… Read More »