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3 Signs You are in the Wrong Career

It’s Thursday morning, and you are getting for work. The process is routine, and if it weren’t for your daughter’s theatre performance, you wouldn’t even know the day of the week. One of the biggest decisions you will make this morning is what to wear. You promised yourself that you would get out of this… Read More »

3 Strategies to Making this Year Awesome!

Are you ready to make this year one of your best? What are you doing to prepare? Instead of limping into the New Year, take charge!. You know that a status quo approach will fail to help you realize your goals. To be something different, you must do something different. We’ve all heard that the… Read More »

3 Strategies to Impressing Your Boss 

I remember hearing a business expert say that your direct manager is the person you must work hard to impress. You need to get along with fellow employees, and you should treat the higher-ups with respect, but your boss is the individual who has the most influence over your success. As people move up the… Read More »

3 Strategies to Initiating a Career Change 

Where do you want to be in five years? Do you have a clear idea? What motivates you to climb the corporate ladder? Before making a career change, you must have a clear reason. Second, it’s important that you document where you are today. In project management, this is known as your baseline. In other… Read More »

3 Things to Avoid When Delivering a Speech 

Getting in front of people to give a talk is not easy for many. Some even say they fear public speaking more than they fear death. However, speaking in public is easier than you might think, especially if you focus on the strongest subject matter for you. Equally as important is having a clear message,… Read More »

6 Ways to Earn a Promotion

I recently heard a colleague talk about his promotion to Technical Manager. While the title was good, the pay hike was $15,000 annually, and she now makes $110,000. Not too bad! Over the years, I’ve had many discussions with talented managers regarding what it takes to excel in an organization, and I’m providing 6 of… Read More »

10 Tips to Getting Things Done

Getting things done is much easier than you might think. Develop a plan, test the plan, execute the plan, and follow-up on the plan. All these components are critical success factors (CSFs) of getting things done, which means that the plan is in jeopardy if you fail to do any of them well. One of… Read More »

Bolting From Your Job! The JetBlue Way!

We’ve all had the “Jet Blue” feeling! If you have not read the Steven Slater story about getting fed up with an unruly passenger, I think you should take the time to see the chronology of events. While I do not condone the approach Slater took, namely deploying the emergency chute with which he could… Read More »