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3 Signs It’s Time to Launch Your Business

Over the past couple of decades, I have started several businesses; some have worked, and some have not. Even those ventures falling short of expectations provided an excellent learning experience. In other words, I didn’t see much revenue, but I learned what not to do in the future. Business ownership is not for everyone, to… Read More »

Buy Me One Rose and Give the Rest in Cash

I was getting a haircut at a local barbershop here in San Antonio, and was amused by a hearty and energetic conversation among the barbers. One barber, a man in his 50s, went on a date over the weekend, and he talked about how gentlemanly he was with his lady friend. He opened the door… Read More »

Sales Success = 36:12:6:3:1

When living in Houston, I was fortunate to work for Prudential where I sold both insurance and investment products. As part of the training, I learned the power of lead generation. That lesson has made a tremendous difference in increasing my annual earnings. The formula itself is easy, but sticking with the process is what… Read More »

She Didn’t Marry Him, But He Was Still Grateful

A friend recently invited me to a wedding between a couple who were both marrying for the second time. The Catholic ceremony was modest and attended mostly by those who knew the bride (Martha) and groom (Daniel) well. After the exchange of the vows, the couple organized an early dinner with drinks and music at… Read More »

Theory of the New Economy

As a business owner, I am interested in learning how organizations are using fewer resources to do more work. In other words, I want to learn a simple and straightforward methodology to apply in my organization that will yield long-term results. I am not looking for a shortcut, but rather a proven set of steps… Read More »

3 Ways to Get Buy-In From Your Customer

The goal for any project manager is to deliver the project on schedule, within budget, and to the customer’s satisfaction. To have a successful project, you must work with the customer throughout the life of the project. Avoid hoping and praying the customer will accept the final deliverable. #1 Know Your Customer Every customer is… Read More »